Saturday, 15 January 2011

Two Exciting Projects!

So this is my first item made on my shiny new sewing machine. It is a bag from the Cath Kidston 'Sew' book, the bag that I was eyeing up for months! I couldn't get any Cath Kidston fabric but saw this in John Lewis and fell in love. Although the pattern suggests using duck (canvas), this is just normal haberdashery cotton. I lined it with some quite thick fabric that we found in our attic which is just perfect because it gives the bag a little bit of structure without it being rigid. I altered the pattern quite a lot, giving it a lining, and sewing the straps straight on to the bag as opposed to making a button hole and stitching a button, it seemed like too much work for a feature I wouldn't accommodate anyway. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome, as it is very tidy for something I have made! I wouldn't shy away from making it again :)

The reinforced straps

The lining
Today Dan and Louie accompanied me to Lollipops again, this time to make a commemorative plate for Louie's first birthday.
Mama hard at work!

Louie playing with the tile

The finished plate
I was a bit disappointed with the writing as it curved, I worked out that it would fit but in practice it didn't, which is a shame. But I am so pleased with the VHC spots around the edge, and the hand prints are lovely. The little caterpillar crawling up his hand was my favourite little finishing touch that turned out really well! I will post a picture when it has been fired and the colours will be in all their bright and lovely glory!


Anna said...

I was going to say it looked rather very hungry caterpillar-esq when I saw the spotty border to the plate!!

Heidi Liz said...

Glad it has got the desired effect then! It will look much better once fired and the colours come out properly

Becks said...

Love the bag. You've inspired me to have a go at a bag next.

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