Wednesday, 12 January 2011


So the other day I went to John Lewis and treated myself to this beautiful fabric with some money I was given for Christmas. I saw it when I was in with Anna and fell in love! It is quite simple but I love the colour and I love all the little birdies on it :) Although it is just standard cotton, I am going to go ahead with my plans to use it for a bag, it will need lining though (and Nana thinks she has something perfect in the attic so that is wonderful!). 

Louie has now discovered that it is wonderful to tip his ball pit/tent up and on itself! He thinks it is rather fun to chase the balls around the floor as opposed to playing in the tent. (Much to Papa's dismay as he is the one to clear it all up! Tee hee!)

Just showing off my walking boy wearing his Jungle Fever Cushie Tushie!
 This evening I finished off my little project of a needle case. I went really quite wrong and used the cardboard the wrong way around so you can see that I used a box of Asda's 'Ready Oats' which is a shame, but it will be fine and do the trick. At least I will have learnt from my mistake.

As you can see it looks fine from the inside, with all the needles all pretty and straight :)

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