Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thankyous, Balloons and Lazy days!

To thank everyone for all their Christmas gifts (and there were a lot!) we decided to make our own 'Thank You' cards. We hadn't done any foot print painting before because I couldn't find any paint that was suitable. But having found some, and an extra pair of hands (Thanks Anna!) we finally got some done! Louie looks so chunky sat on that chair. He was such a good boy and sat the whole time and only got bored on the last one or two.

The finished articles!

 Yesterday, we went to Emmanuel's FIRST birthday party. It is unreal that he is a whole one year old now. It is scary because it means that Louie is NEARLY one year old! It was a lovely little party, and Nade gave Louie a balloon which is giving Louie endless fun!

 And he got some bubbles in his party bag! He was fascinated by them and stood there and stared at them!

Saturdays, rest and relaxation!

 I built Louie a little den! He loved it! I gave him some books and he was happy for ages!

 This is all I have planned for the day;
Playing in the den with my little man, reading my new magazines, doing some sewing!
This is my 'on the go' project, the cross stitch purse that came with the Cath Kidston 'Stitch' book. It is going well so far, despite the fact I have gone majorly wrong and I am making some of it up as I go along, but it looks okay! I have done loads more than in the bottom photo and most of the middle bloom of flowers is complete. 

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