Saturday, 1 October 2011

Indian Summer

We are having fun enjoying this wonderful Indian Summer that has landed upon us in late September. Yesterday, I took my Bees for a break down to our local pub for a quick drink and a bite to eat. Papa bee has been working very hard to fix his car so very much deserved a treat.

 We got the train set out to play with in the conservatory too, it is one of Mr Bees favourite toys. He will play for hours with his train set.
 This weather is great for pretty nappies, no need for clothes in this heat just a nice owly nappy!
Sharing his bread with Sonny Jim
 I very rarely talk about our 4th memeber of the household, Sonny as he doesn't seem to sit still enough for good pictures! However, he was being very tolerant to the camera today so I snapped him whilst I could.

Whats this then?
 We have visitors down to stay again this time, this time my Auntie Bonny and Iain. They are down for Sophie-Maes Christening tomorrow. Mr Bee has taken to Iain and wants him to play everything together.

 Our garden is going a beautiful colour at the moment. All the summer flowers have shrivelled now, but some red ivy has appeared from over the fence, and the lillies have flowered to a beautiful dark pink colour.

It has gotten hotter and hotter and Mr Bee has gotten stickier and stickier so it was time to get the washing basket out to have a cool down.

Reading Jane Austen on the Kindle with Auntie Bonny

Washing hands and stealing the Swarfega from Papa

Playing cars with Iain, big kiddie

Someone got very muddy feet, thanks to Papa fixing the car and tinkering in the garage. There are black footprints all over the place! His feet were washed about 3 times, they are oil stained for good I think!
We all enjoyed an al-fresco chinese around the table which was just lovely. Mr Bee really enjoyed himself, chomping on a piece of duck!

Then as the sun went down (shhh! sleeping!) we carried on playing in the garden, as it was so pleasant out there. We were singing and Auntie Bonny taught Mr Bee a new song about owls.

Despite having a nap at about 5:30, we still need to all get an early night ready for Sophie-Mae's Christening in the morning!

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