Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Christening of Sophie-Mae

Today we all got together at Saint Andrews Church for the Christening of my niece, Sophie-Mae. It was another beautiful day, perfect for the special little lady.


Louie and I in the church, we did get some funny comments about the toddler wearing!
 It was a lovely service, Sophie-Mae was a little star, so quiet and well behaved. So was Mr Bee, he had a really long sleep in my arms, soothed by the singing of the hymns.

Sophie-Mae and Nana
 After the service, we retreated to Martin and Beccy's 'local' for the little party. Mr Bee was proving to be very restless after his lovely sleep, which is so out of the ordinary for my bright little boy. We had lots of fun meeting all the families and also seeing Katie and Kayleigh from Nursery!

Louie and Emily
 Because Mr Bee was so restless, I thought it a good idea to take him to the park across the road to cheer him up a little. Emily came with us too. It was lovely to go to the park that I used to go to when we lived in our old house, about 16 years ago. It certainly brought back some memories.

Playing in the autumn leaves

 They had a lovely time playing together. We walked back and had our photographs taken with the family then headed home, as Mr Bee was clearly suffering. It was getting very hot and he has four teeth coming through. After moaning in discomfort all the way home, he finally fell asleep with me in the garden

I hope Sophie-Mae, Martin and Beccy had a wonderful day celebrating the baptism, as I know we all had a lovely time :)

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Anna said...

Wow they have done a good job with her op!

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