Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Got the bug...

Again...! Whilst I was away in Burnley, I got the sewing bug again! Once I start, I become addicted and find it hard to stop. This evening, I have been making some bunting for Anna's baby, Splodge. Well for his bedroom! I thought it would be a nice little thing to brighten up a wall or something. Bunting is very much in fashion at the moment, so it is something he can keep to remind him of his Auntie H at the very least.

I did steal the idea from the new magazine Mollie Makes, which I must admit, I am a little bit in love with already, from the first installment! I have crafted together the attached project but it is in need of a little TLC (already, obviously didn't spend enough time on it). 

It took me a little while to work out what size I needed to do the triangles, but after a lot of working out and help from Mom and Louie, see scribbles, we managed to come up with something, and I managed to get 10 triangles out of one A4 sheet, so economically, we have done well. If any of you would like the pattern, let me know and I will put one together for you.
Much thinking required
Then I needed to get all my fabric strips together. The magazine said to use off cut strips but I don't have  things like that so I just cut them as required, at about 2cm a piece.

Then they need gluing to the card one at a time, then sewing on.

It works really well, as you get a nice sturdy triangle afterwards, so it isn't flimsy. And the patterns look amazing. I had planned to accessorize the bunting with buttons and ric rac but to be honest, I don't think it needs it. I think it is rather lovely as it is. 

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