Monday, 16 May 2011

At the Farms

One of the things I was most looking forward to when we were on our holiday was going riding for the first time in a few years. I have ridden horses practically all my life, but have taken a break from it to do other things. 
I miss it so much, and I could not wait to get straight back into the saddle. We went to the Old Mill before we even got to our accommodation, to book myself in for a ride - dedication for you! 

On Tuesday, we got up and ready to go. I was suited and booted and we went down to the stables. Louie was besotted with the horses. He has seen plenty of other animals, but he was just so smitten with the horses. It was so heart warming. I think he is going to be a horsey type like his Mama! 

Ready to go! Me on Bonny

 After my ride, we went to Dairyland, a farm, as a nice day out for Louie. He was in his element running around everywhere wanting to play with everything! We had a struggle to prize him away from these though, the big boy tractors!

 After a verrrry long time in the soft play area, chasing eachother around the little boys area and the VERY big, big boys area, and going on the bumpy big slide over and over and over again, we headed on down to the Pat a Pet session which was being held. The lady sat a lap tray on my mat and brought over a rabbit, a guinea pig and a rat to pet. Louie wasn't really interested because he had found a creature all curled up in a ball hiding in its little bed. He was fascinated by the ball of fluff! So when it woke up, the lady was kind enough to let him out for Louie to see! It was a chinchilla!


He stroked his very soft fur 

Where has Ratty gone?
Louie loved seeing all of the animals :)

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Working london mummy said...

how lovely. I was thinking about a farm camping holiday in sept/oct. So nice to teach children about animal care and country life (esp a London child like mine) x

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