Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Real Nappy Week - Nappies and Beyond!

Disposable nappies these days are absorbent, maybe TOO absorbent - which is why more and more children are staying in nappies for longer. They just can't feel that they are wet, and need to use the potty.
We aren't at that stage yet so I am not able to give a full account of potty training a cloth bottomed babe, but this is what I do know.

Whether it is myth, I don't know, but they say that toddlers can feel when they are wet much easier in a cloth nappy - thus meaning they will transition into pottydom quicker and easier. But won't I need to revert to pull up disposable training pants for this?
Absolutely not!

There is a fantastic range of training pants made by Bright Bots. They are just like big boy/girl pants, but with a small terry pad between the legs, designed to hold roughly one wee. It won't keep your child quite as dry as a disposable pull up, but it will aide your child to know when they need to use the potty. But as I say, I haven't quite got to that stage yet so don't quote me!!!

However, we do use the training pants already. We have a couple in our stash to use those evenings the nappy needs changing but it isn't worth putting a whole new one on. They do hold just enough, but usually when we take them off they are dry, as he always seems to save himself so he can go in the bath!

Bright Bots Training Pants come in sizes Small through to Extra Large and are available in a range of colours, and priced at a mere £3.95 singularly and 5 for £18, they are extremely affordable!
(Please note that they are sized quite small, and they do shrink up a little in the wash, so if in doubt definitely size up)

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