Sunday, 22 May 2011

Real Nappy Week 2011 Round Up

This Real Nappy Week, I have tried to put a post up everyday, with reasons for using Real Nappies! For the last few days however, I have been working at the Baby Show at the NEC, but that is a whole other post!

You may have noticed that I have a little ticker at the bottom of my blog which counts the average amount of nappies I will have used. I think I estimated four nappies per day, 3 in the day then the night nappy.
Right at this moment in time, my ticker says that i have saved a whopping
nappies from landfill!!  Isn't that amazing. I dread to think just how many black bin liners that would equate to!

So I did some simple maths to see how much I have saved so far. I would like you to bear in mind that we started using real nappies when Louie was around 4/5 months, so it would obviously save you soooo much more if you were to use them from birth. Also take into account the age of the child, 16 months, and realistically, we are going to have another year, year and a half in nappies.

1275 x £0.13 (average cost of a disposable nappy) = £165.75

Now at the moment, that might not seem like a lot of money. To be perfectly honest, I was shocked that it was so low, and in reality, I am yet to break even. But if you think of it in terms of a baby in nappies from newborn to potty training, it really does add up.

And by using reusable wipes, you will be making a big saving too, so I did some more maths :)

£1 a week on packets of disposable wipes x 40 (the amount of weeks we have been using) = £40

Considering I only paid £23.50 for the Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit, I have saved almost double the amount of using reusable wipes (Not to mention that I am a bit happy with wipe usage and like to make extra sure that he is clean, then not including using wipes for mucky hands and faces!)

So it will turn out cheaper in the long run. But think about having subsequent children and not having to spend a penny!

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