Monday, 16 May 2011

Cloth Nappies on Holiday

Being an avid cloth nappy user, having not used disposables in nearly a year, I wasn't going to let a weeks holiday get in the way of that!

I made up my mind that I was only going to take nappies that were quick drying, and that Two Parters were the way forward. Especially as I had bought a Weehugger and a Gen-Y wrap which were 'holiday nappies' (Just as an excuse to buy them!). In all I took 6 wraps, 10 assorted inserts for the wraps and about 6 pocket/all in one nappies. Then the normal night nappies of course.

The inserts that we took were Flip Stay Dry, Weehugger inserts, Prefolds, one cotton terry and Issy bear day and night inserts. We also took Smartipants, Easyfits, and some Cushie Tushies (for the cuteness factor of course).

We did a wash on the Tuesday morning in the sites laundrette, and strangely, although the nappies were washed with Soapnuts with a dash of Lavender oil, they came out smelling of washing powder!
We stayed in a chalet with a 'Sun Lounge' which was sort of like a conservatory which was where we dried the nappies with a makeshift washing line hung from two open windows!

Unfortunately as the drying area was covered, the air did not circulate as well as I had hoped, and the nappies took an average of 24 hours to dry. The Stretchies however took nearer to 48 hours! Meaning that we had to use two of the Flip Disposable inserts for one nights nappy. Luckily, they lasted perfectly.

It just goes to show that cloth nappies are that easy to use and you can even take them on holiday with you, with no bother :)

This week is Real Nappy Week, why don't you hop on over to Fill Your Pants for some fantastic offers on cloth nappies!

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