Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nature Walk

After school, Mr Bee and I decided to go for a walk to the end of our street. There is a fairground setting up so we thought we would check it out. But then we started walking, and well, we got a little carried away. We found ourselves just wandering through footpaths and byways and oh, all of the things we saw. 

Horses, White Sheep, Black Sheep, Black AND White Cows.

Bluebells. Lots of Bluebells.

Two tractors. A Massey Ferguson far away and a New Holland up close. We are getting good at this tractor spotting. Mr Bee was very impressed with this 'spikey pick up' one!

We had a five minute sit down, and Mr Bee collected some sticks. Any guesses as to what he made ??
And on our amble back we found the most beautiful magnolia tree, stunning.

Oh, how I am enjoying this countryside life. We need to make a habit of this!

Answer: An Aligator!

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