Thursday, 2 April 2015


This year I celebrated my birthday from my sofa, piled high with cushions and the duvet from the bed. I know this must sound like a fabulous way to spend your birthday, but for me, it really isn't! I am still recovering from the dreaded lurgy, whose full force has rendered me useless for two whole weeks (and to any of you who know me, know that I don't DO poorly!).Which also explains my distinct lack of posting here....

However yucky and sore I have been feeling, I was suitably spoilt by my loving friends and family. Dan made me breakfast in bed and couldn't wait to give me my amazing gifts before bouncing off to work. A beautiful, smart new coat and a William Morris handbag, what wonderful surprises! And the blow torch I've been wanting for a while (creme brulee and meringue toppings here I come!). Later, Mother Hen dropped Mr Bee home after his sleepover, he had chosen me some pink sparkly roses and paid for them all by himself and Mom gave me some of my favourite things, a joules top, a wicker shopping basket and some lavender plants! Oh and an ostrich feather duster which is utterly adorable!

I also had some lovely books, skincare and kitchen goodies from my lovely friends. They are keepers ;)

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