Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cotswold Cruising

With this recent burst of beautiful weather, it seemed daft not to exploit it and head out for a day of exploring. Visiting the Cotswolds felt like being on holiday!

Peace, quiet, sand coloured cottages, tractors, rolling hills, birds singing, bees buzzing and the sun shining. Perfection.

The first stop was Snowshill Manor. A country house full, and I mean full of collections, it really is a lifes work. The gardens were so serene and beautiful and I even got to see some baby lambs, my first of the year.

Then, just to be indulgent, a trip to Chastleton House, the home of Wolf Hall. Dan and I were avid followers of the BBC2 series, so I was rather pleased when I arrived to this familiar looking place! The light in the house was simply stunning, though there wasn't quite as much to see here, it really was my cup of tea!

I found more lambs, the most vividly coloured flowers, rolling views and the first bluebells of the year.

It was a long day, with some beautiful driving. Luckily, Nana was on hand to pick the bee up from school so that I could enjoy myself on my little jaunt. I spanned 5 counties in as many hours and had a thoroughly good time.

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Eleanor Holmes said...

What a wonderful day out! I love exploring new places and these 2 look very much like my sort of thing. Beautiful photos as well, particularly the last one. Xx

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