Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I've missed this. Wednesdays with my boy.
School really does get in the way of having fun sometimes. This gorgeous boost of weather has perked us both up so we planned a lovely picnic and a daytrip with no set destination.
A bad nights sleep for me, meant lots of pain in the chest area so no driving for us today, Mr Bee was very upset that we couldn't adventure, but after a slow, recovering morning, we had a picnic at home then popped to the garden centre to stock up on goodies.

And so the rest of our afternoon was spent deep in compost, repotting some more succulents, sowing some seeds and getting some plants out in the fresh air. It was lovely to get out in the garden for the first time, who knows what will happen. I am not a green fingered lady, but I can but try!

After a light dinner, we nipped out for our first evening stroll of the year. It wasn't cold and it was still light so off we trotted to the fields around the corner for a little explore of our village footpaths. I love this countryside lark.

It was so lovely to enjoy a day during the holidays with my boy.

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