Friday, 3 April 2015

Little Moreton Hall

Good Friday.

Weeks and weeks ago, Dan promised to take me away for the weekend so that we could visit some new National Trust places. Killing two birds with one stone, we have gone north west to stay with the in-laws over the long weekend, so on our way, we stopped off at Little Moreton Hall for lunch and a little wander.

Lunch was simply amazing. My appetite is still not up to standard and I really fancied a cheese scone for my lunch. Then this huge platter came out! It is safe to say that I ate some, then asked for a doggy bag so I could finish the rest later ;)

Don't be fooled, this house was much bigger than I had anticipated. It was fantastic to see such a large Tudor home, it was just my cup of tea. The upper long gallery was simply stunning, the light coming in through the delicate window panes was really something.

And of course, what Easter weekend would be complete without a little egg hunt. Something for the bee, of course.

Still recovering, it was a big deal going out for a few hours, but I suppose I need to be getting ready to go back to work after the long weekend!

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