Friday, 1 May 2015

Joules V.I.P

On Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit our capital to be part of the Joules AW15 press day which was taking place in Covent Garden. I was one of 10 lucky winners, chosen as Joules' Biggest Fans from a Facebook competition. I was absolutely gobsmacked of course, but I jumped at the chance of taking a sneak peek of all of the lovely things which will probably become part of my wardrobe in the future!

It was an early morning, Dan took a few hours off so that he could take Mr Bee to school and I hopped on the train to make my journey down south. Upon arrival, I was asked to choose three of my favourite pieces which I had to tell to a very lovely camera man (of course, I was equally as interested in the camera as I was the Joules stuff...).

Everything was so beautifully laid out. From the podium of wellies, the very cleverly engineered RAIN display to the enormous breakfast table (which you couldn't eat!), the attention to detail was utterly magnificent.

The AW15 Press Day showcased the very best of Joules and probably some of their most beautiful pieces yet, including those beautiful pom pom trimmed cushions!

After a few hours browsing the utterly gorgeous new things, us lucky prize winners were whisked off to the local Bill's for lunch with Tom Joule (!!!) and what a lovely chap he is! We spent hours chatting away over a lovely girly lunch and I made friends with a gorgeous little lady called Ava, aged 4, who was truly scrumptious, though when she pulled her vintage Polly Pockets out, the whole table starting ooh'ing and aah'ing at the little treasures, it was almost as exciting as our awesome goody bags!

Then when everyone filtered off home, I hopped down to Regent Street for a spot of shopping for my boys ( I couldn't possibly come home empty handed) and then met lovely Becka for dinner and another girly catch up. I so wish we could do this more often!

I had such an impressive, wonderful day, I would very much like to thank Joules, Mr Joule and lovely Sam for treating me to such an unforgettable day.

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