Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Little Kitchen Garden

So we have been living in our little house for 8 months now and for many of those months we were just settling in. Then it was cold. And then our plans for our veggie patch just went up in smoke when I realised that there was absolutely no sun in that area... So with the lovely veggie planter idea out of the window and Dan's scepticism of the whole grow your own idea, I assembled some pots and a grow bag or two just to have a little go.


I have absolutely no gardening experience what so ever. House plants, well I can't ever keep them alive, but this time, I am determined.

Firstly, I bought six tomato plug plants from my local garden centre and well, only two survive.I have salvaged what I can and sent them to Intensive Care, but I don't hold much hope for them. Luckily, Anna came to the rescue and gifted some to me which she has grown from seed.

Next was some broad beans. They were a little sickly looking and were 5 plants for 40p but I have planted them in the grow bag and they are growing nicely now! Maybe I am a good plant nurse after all?

 Strawberries. I've always wanted to grow strawbs! The strawberry on its own (and not as mature as the other two plants) was rescued from Calke Abbey in January from their sale shed. It was wrapped in some kitchen roll and looked very sickly. Now it has the beginnings of what will be about 5 berries, just from what I can see so far. The other two plants I picked up cheaply and one flower is already pollinated with another following shortly.

I tried my luck and planted some peas from seed about 4 weeks ago and they have shot up, much to my amazement! I have erected a little frame for them to tangle around and hopefully we will have some peas to pod, which Mr Bee will be incredibly pleased with! Not forgetting the little pot of Sweet Peas which I have planted for Dan as he has a fancy for them. 

On the other side of the garden, I have planted a few pots with some bulbs, mainly gladiolis and dahlias. There are a few shoots popping up, possibly 3/4 weeks after they had been planted. The centre piece is the super bargain rose bush which I bought in January! If I remember correctly, it should produce some pale pink, peony style roses, but who knows!

And lastly, what garden would be complete without a little family sunflower compeition? They seem to be very slow to get going as they have been planted for a good 5 weeks now but hopefully they will start to shoot up soon (if the weather ever decides to perk up!).
Place your bets now, who is going to win?

And that is how our little garden stands at the moment. We have lots of plans, including a patio expansion so that we can sit out, a new shed for all of our goodiesm a lick of paint on the wookwork and hopefully, some more permanent planting areas for next year.

Keep everthing crossed for me and sit tight for some more updates as and when anything progresses!

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