Saturday, 30 May 2015


We decided to take our annual holiday in the May Half Term this year, to celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary (which is actually today!). We picked Suffolk as it was our first holiday together 6 years ago, so it seemed like a fitting place!

On our way through, we returned to Anglesey Abbey, a place that I have been desparate to revisit for such a long time! Although it was just a passing visit, we spent a while exploring the woodland walk and the rose garden, counting clocks in the house and then a hearty lunch to set us up for the remainder of our journey towards the seaside.

 On our first day, we made a beeline for the beach. Of course! The boys played on the beach whilst I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We had a delicous lunch, the product of the many delis and bakeries in Southwold. Then there was more playing on the beach (of course!) and then we went for a long walk around to the harbour for a fish and chip supper and a nose at the boats.

 We couldn't come all this way without making a trip to Felixstowe, the venue for many of Dan's holidays as a child, and the place that we stayed those many years ago. More playing on the beach, yummy Italian for lunch and it wouldn't be a holiday of ours without stopping in to the nearest Waitrose. We are all for little traditions!

Our National Trust visit of the week was to Dunwich Heath. We have fond memories of Dunwich from our last visit, but this time we chose the Heath. It was beautiful. We had a lovely stroll around the kids trail, including a play on the, you guessed it, BEACH! But of course the main feature was the famous scones. I chose Raspberry and White Chocolate and my goodness, I think it was the most delicious cream tea I have ever had!

Then I had a day cameraless. You can guess what we started with. Beach! And shopping for a few souvenieers. To celebrate our wedding anniversary as a family, we went to the local posh hotel for Afternoon Tea. Finger sandwiches, tarts, macarons, scones. Delicious. And Louie thought it was very novel!

And to end our week away, another National Trust property to break up our journey. This time, Ickworth. What a beautiful house indeed and one which Dan was completely enamoured with. Especially because of the electrical engineering magazines from 1936 in the basement. He was just a little excited when he found articles on Switchgear, and even more so when he found details of a unit he was updating only a few weeks ago! We ended up staying at Ickworth much longer than we intended and didn't get home until bedtime!

You can find more about our day trips here, here and here.

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