Sunday, 7 October 2012


It has been a lovely weekend. 

Friday started with a morning in the office, followed by a whole afternoon in the kitchen. We made vegetable soup, baked yummy chocolate and raspberry muffins and fresh loaves of bread.

 Saturday we found ourselves in the woods with a picnic of Fridays makings. We sat amongst the trees and enjoyed our fayre. I wore my gifted boots for the first time. I hope they break in quickly, I got a nasty blister :(

 We came home to play lego quietly, sit and enjoy the mild afternoon in the garden and bake yet more cakes.  Chocolate and vanilla fairy cakes this time.

Sunday morning, we walked to the foggy, dew covered park. It was chilly but we were wrapped up in our cardis, coats and mittens. We walked through the golden coloured private roads to the starbucks for a nice little warm up. Hot chocolates all round please!

Our afternoon was spent in the garden again in the lovely sun. We played with the musical instruments, animals and drew with felt tip pens. Mr Bee wrote his name all by his self for the first time. He followed the dots to form the letters only making one little mistake. Very proud Mama here!

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Anna said...

Yummy. Looks like you had a great weekend :)

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