Saturday, 20 October 2012

Upton House

Last weekend we planned a long road trip around an ebay purchase which meant having to travel down to Slough. Planning our route via the M40, we decided to finally visit Upton House. 
We arrived all together, walked the Woodland Walk, admiring all of the tables and chairs ready for woodland tea parties. The 1930's themed gardens were absolutely stunning. What beautiful views through the morning mist. 

After our morning stroll through the beautiful, beautiful gardens, we had a cup of tea with Papa before he continued his journey down to Slough. Mr Bee and I stayed at the property, exploring the house and more of the gardens.
We spent most of our time in the wonderful house. Each of the rooms had a treasure box with items relating to the room. In the library we played with postal scales and 'old' wooden jigsaws. In the dining room, we played with a very primitive toaster and silver spoons and in the kitchen we dressed up as cooks and maids and made dinner for the other guests! As usual, Mr Bee made lots of lady friends, chatting away to the room guides. As usual again, he charmed them with his wit and knowledge.

Mr Bee had so many people commenting on his outfit. He loves his bowtie and braces top almost as much as his actual bowtie and braces!
We had such an amazing day at Upton. Waiting around for Papa was a blessing as we got to explore without having to worry about coming home to make dinner or miss the traffic. We can't wait to come again and will probably be planning another visit soon.
Waiting for Papa to come home, we found a gathering of 1930's Ford Model A's. Like his father, our little bee was in his element admiring the beautiful old cars. The smell of them was just amazing!
A little later Papa arrived with his shiny new toy, a top box to go with the bottom box he was given a few weeks ago. What an awesome ebay bargain!
We did have to hurry home as Burnley were playing Blackpool on the TV. We bought some sweeties for Papa from the little sweetie shop to enjoy whilst he watched the football.
Meanwhile, outside the sky was turning from blue to pink, to purple, to blue again! It was beautiful, but it changed so fast.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hello Heidi,

What a beautiful place to spend a day! Your boy is so handsome. Thanks for sharing these pictures!


hannah said...

What a beautiful post Heidi, I especially love your photo of the sky. The sky is so beautiful and fascinating :) x

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