Saturday, 27 October 2012

Road Trip #2

Today, Papa, Mr Bee and I headed off on another ebay road trip! Late last night, Dan rushed downstairs urging me to come and look at something on ebay. Lo and behold, it was a bargainous Peugeot 106, Inca!
Those of you who know me will know how devoted to my little 'Dougie' I was. My first car. I was devastated to see her go up to the scrapyard in the sky 18 or so months ago, and ever since, I have wanted to be back in the seat of a 106. Now they aren't big or fancy, but such fun little cars which both Papa and I fell in love with all those years ago.
A drive up to Norfolk, and we managed to barter the chap down a little due to some welding issues, and then we were on our way home. With a full tank and temporary insurance, we made it home safely, just about.
Dougie Jr. will need a few bits and bobs doing to her, firstly a Head Gasket change before it gets any worse. Luckily, we still have cupboards full of 106 bits in the garage. Papa could never bear part with them.
So here she is, Dougie Jr. Set to live on our drive way for a few months whilst we get her all fit and ready for the road. I can have my fun, cheap and nippy car back, and Papa is over the moon to have a toy to play with.
Once we were home, Papa didn't even make it into the house before giving her a quick wash and jacking her up to make a start. And as we all know, Dan is at his happiest underneath a 106!

I wonder how many engines this one will end up having.......

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hannah said...

What a lovely little car Heidi :) I hope you get to have many a road trip in it once Dan has fixed it up for you!! :) x

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