Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Photo An Hour: Autumn




-Today has mainly been set to music. At the weekend, we bought a new desk for our Mac and I have been making a conscious effort to favour it over my laptop. Instead of working/surfing infront of the TV, I have had Itunes on all day instead. We have enjoyed dancing and singing at the top of our lungs!
-I spent a lot of the day cleaning out a space in our bedroom to inhabit some new office equipment and files.
-When I haven't been cleaning, I have been editing from Anna's family shoot from the weekend, when Mr Bee has allowed. Such a content little bee, he has played with his kitchen, lego and tool box whilst I work away.
- After lunch, we ran some errands, collecting pretty leaves on our way home.
-The slow cooker produced my signature Chilli, made with stewing beef and chorizo. It was a winner, for sure, and minimal fuss on our busy day.
- A delivery of new clothes for Mr Bee came later in the afternoon. Big boy 'boxers' with a wintery feel, smart slacks with braces ready for the celebration period and not to forget finally trying on the lovely tweed blazer that we have anticipated for so long!
- And now a pot of tea whilst I type to you.

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