Saturday, 13 October 2012

Belton in Autumn

Belton House may be my favourite place to visit in the autumn. The trees turn an array of beautiful colours and leaves line the paths in a beautiful golden carpet. 

Mr Bee decided we must bring his new best pal, Sweep, along for a nice day out. He came with us all day, from tea in The Ride café, playing in the gardens and exploring the house. Mr Bee was so thorough with showing Sweep around, making sure he didn't miss a single tree, interesting stick or mushroom on the floor!

We spent all day exploring the wonderful gardens and parks. All three of us enjoyed kicking and throwing up the fallen leaves! Mr Bee particularly liked the miniature train and the play parks. 
Our next visit won't be far away, I am sure!


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Lovely pictures, especially the reflections in the lake!

Sioned. said...

Awh I love these :) you all look so happy xxxx

jess hay flugvel said...

These photographs are all so lovely especially the leaves. I am from Australia and my partner and I are travelling through europe. We recently have been in Scotland & England for 6 weeks and loved visiting places of the National Trust it's incredible how many amazing places to see. We spent quite a few different times at Stowe Park and are going back at Christmas. I am really enjoying reading and seeing so much about your beautiful lifestyle.

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