Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

This morning we dug out all of our spooky films, baked meringue ghosties, ate adorable ghost and bat crispies, made halloween shaped pizzas, dressed up as bats and pigged out on popcorn whilst watching our marathon of DVDs.
Mr Bee doesn't seem to be phased by all things spooky, so he happily watched Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus without a flinch. He has a great little sense of humour!

Now its time for the little bee to head up to bed, Papa and I can sit down to some scary films and finish the rest of our treats.

Happy Halloween! 


Aqeela said...

We dont celebrate Halloween at all but your day sounds great! Love the ghosts, they look yum!
Aqeela xx

jess hay flugvel said...

Your blog is so nice. Your son is gorgeous. It has been lovely to read about your life, cannot wait for more. x jess

Anonymous said...

That food looks fabulous. I don't think I could watch many of those movies though - too scary for me!

pleasance said...

the pizza looks great! must have been fun to bake all those things with your son!

Mums Take Five said...

Cool meringues! I'll have to remember those. lovely blog. looks like a beautiful part of the world you are in.
(and i didnt know clinque dram. different came in a gel! good to know)

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