Thursday, 30 June 2011

Busy Bee!

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging as regularly of late. Mr Bee seems to have developed some naughty sleeping habits, which keeps him awake until gone 9pm every night!

Trying to fit in crafting and everything else in that time is getting a bit hectic!

I have however managed to get a few pretties finished! Today I have run up a cute little drawstring bag. I don't have a purpose for it at the moment, but it might get put away for Christmas. I can always personalise it for a littlie!

Yesterday I finished this cute little birdie gadget case. I think the template (from Mollie Makes) is just so sweet, that I want to use it all the time. It does make for a lovely gadget case. This time I experimented with a little flap and fastening. We will see how that goes.

Yesterday, I also made a gadget case as a gift for our friend Jules. It is her birthday today, and she stayed over night, so she certainly deserved a gift! She chose the colours and theme she wanted, and had a pale pink gadget case with a bright pink owl on it! It is very Jules!

Hopefully, I will get much more crafted and ready :) Don't forget to visit my shop at The Bee Hive @ Folksy or add my new Facebook page!


Aqeela said...

The sleep patterns seem to change very often over here! Most of my spare time in the evening is spent reading, i prefer crafting in the day time but with Zakareeya its very difficult!
Aqeela xx

Sascha at Toddlers tastes said...

I love your drawstring bag. It's a bad idea putting it away for Christmas time. That's got me thinking that i should start a few little projects. Thank you.

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