Thursday, 23 June 2011

Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2011

This week is breastfeeding awareness week, and with it being a cause so close to my heart (literally!) it would be rude not to write a few words about it!

Breastfeeding is absolutely the best thing that you can do for you and your baby. It passes on vital antibodies to your baby and protects you from breast and ovarian cancer. 
I don't want to bang on too much about it as I know that it can create very heated arguments, however I want everyone to know that once you get going, breastfeeding is easy! And please don't be afraid to ask for help, be it asking for hubby to make a cup of tea, to calling a peer supporter up for help with feeding problems.

Surestart centres have a wealth of knowledge and people like me. Peer Supporters. Peer Supporters are Mum's who have probably been through what you have and are fully trained to help with all aspects of breastfeeding.

I am now a qualified Peer Supporter, see the photo of me graduating on Tuesday! And am willing and able to provide any information needed, whether you are pregnant and deciding between your options or what not :)
Me with my certificate!
Louie and I are still on our breastfeeding journey at 17 months tomorrow, we are still going strong with no signs of stopping yet!

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MummyLion said...

It's lovely to hear of other mums breast-feeding at over a year old - I'm still going happily at 18 months.

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