Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Two days with the Stephensons

 Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Anna and Isaac. Mr Bee made cheese straws all by himself (we only cut the strips), our little budding chef.
Anna's neighbour erected a giant inflatable Santa which Lou thought was fascinating, he spent ages curtain twitching.

On discovering that I left my camera at Anna's, and that we were both heading into the city anyway, we thought it best to make a day of it! Bright and early, we treated ourselves to a lovely breakfast at Carluccios. The boys were well catered for, and it was such a yummy treat.
I nearly finished my Christmas shopping (just two more things to find!) and we pottered around the shops. 
 Louie made himself very comfortable as we spent a while in the bookshop. It was like old times, chilling out in the kids section. Not quite Borders, but the closest we were going to get. Clearly, all that time spent working in a bookshop before he was born has rubbed off on him!
 The boys always play so nicely together, Isaac loved our little christmas train and Louie was playing shops, only he was for sale! They are a funny pair!

1 comment:

hannah said...

Those cheese straws look delicious, Lou is such a clever boy! I wouldn't know where to start, you're teaching him well :) x

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