Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Family Shindig 2012

This weekend we welcomed the entire family to our home once again for the annual Christmas party. Visitors arrived on Friday evening, on Saturday most people did their own thing (I had a photoshoot and Papa took Mr Bee to Nottingham for the Burnley game) then in the evening there was plenty of food, christmas music and an awful  lot of chatter!
 'Look at all the food!'
 Cousin Michael
My crazy brother, Martin 
 King of the Buffet
 Extended family too! 
 A party must. Playing under the table!
 Pass the Parcel
Sunday morning was go, go, go. A mammoth Sunday Roast for a huge 21 people. The children were surprisingly quiet, crafting and colouring and writing and sticking before the dinner commenced.

As Mr Bee fell asleep (and so did I!), we didn't manage to wave anyone off, but thank you everyone who came, I hope you had a great time!

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