Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve, a day for traditions.
Sugar cookies made by the bee and me. Advent Santa came to pick which one we should leave for Real Santa when he comes to delivers the presents. 

 Mr Bee's advent scene courtesy of his Playmobil Advent Calendar. Worth every penny, he has played with it every day, he will be sad to see it put away I am sure!
 A whole day of preparing tomorrows Christmas feast, cooking the ham and making Tomato and Mascarpone soup.
 Two special books for a special little boy. A gift from our friend Helen to read on the night before Christmas, and the special gift Santa dropped off on his practice run last night ;)

 Then to set out the stockings and leave refreshments for Father Christmas and his faithful reindeers. Mr Bee really didn't like the smell of the Port, you should have seen his little face after he smelled it!
 And then to bring down all of the gifts, and my goodness there are a lot of them! That doesn't even include the star gift, of which we have a special plan. And the big present from Papa and I, which it seems Sonny Jim has taken a liking to!

Merry Christmas lovely readers, have a wonderful day with those who love you, hopefully this will be the best year yet :)

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