Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Louie Turns Two

 The time has gone so fast since I first held my little Bee in my arms, on this day, two years ago! He has grown in to such a wonderful little boy, so full of life, so sweet and loving.
Last night, after he went to bed, we arranged all of his pressents ready for when he came down in the morning.
His face was a picture when he saw his Rocking Horse. I knew it would go down a treat, he is besotted with his little pony pal!

 He had lots of presents to open, and he was so pleased with every one that he received.

 His 'tweet tweet tree' has been a favourite so far!
 We had been struggling to think of somewhere special to go to celebrate his birthday. We finally decided we would take him to the Zoo and then it began to tip it down! We thought better of spending the day in the mud and the rain and took him swimming instead. We haven't been for a little while and Mr Bee shocked us with his swimming skills! He was swimming all over the pool with his arm bands on. He refused to hold on to us and loved making star shapes floating. He shocked us even more when he just climbed out of the deeper end of the pool on his own! He is so grown up!

When we got home, we made a birthday cake together using his new cake baking set. We made a very cute Chocolate Orange cake in his tiny little cake tin and I attempted to ice it, but it was too runny and I had ran out of icing!

We spent the rest of the evening making home made pizza, which was so tasty! A very worn out two year old is now sleeping soundly in bed after a very fun day!
I hope the next year brings him as much happiness as the last.

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Becky.x said...

Looks like an awesome memorable day! :D

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