Sunday, 30 September 2012

Coughton in the Autumn

 The last day of September and we are well into Autumn now. It is getting chillier by the day and the leaves are changing and falling. We decided to head over to Coughton to spend some time together, seeing as we had our Autumn holiday cut short last weekend. Mr Bee remembered the place perfectly, especially where the playground was! He showed Papa around the house gracefully, if not rather speedily.

Inside, the dining room was decorated for Autumn, with beautiful orange and gold leaves and displays. In the main hall, the fire was lit and inviting, a pianist played some favourites and we huddled into a sofa and read the books. It was just perfect.

 We went to explore the grounds, stopping to feed the ducks. Papa, the duck whisperer, was having a good conversation with them, I do worry sometimes...

Just why I love Autumn.

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