Friday, 14 September 2012

The Bleak North

This weekend we are staying at our in-laws up in Burnley, Lancashire. We travelled up last night so we could spend the day with Papa today. He surprised us and took us to Harrogate. We had a little walk around the shops, bought a new blouse for me as I stupidly didn't bring a top to wear with my jeans! Then we went to the world famous Betty's Tea Rooms for a cream tea lunch.

 On our way home we visited somewhere that we have wanted to go for a very long time. Friends have been asking me to visit and get pictures for months so here you are guys, the Singing Ringing Tree!
The view of Burnley from Crown Point

The Panopticon

Shortly after we arrived back at the house, Dani and Summer came to visit. These two little people are so adorable together, especially now they are both talking so well. They play so pleasantly with no tears this time!

 Ellie decided Dani needed a new hair do...

Aren't they gorgeous!
Tomorrow, Mr Bee is going to go to the Turf for the game against Peterborough. I am hoping for an afternoon to do something on my own for a few hours!

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hannah said...

Your new blouse is beautiful Heidi - where is it from?! I am envious that you went to see the Singing Ringing Tree - it looks beautiful! Glad you have had a nice visit :) x

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