Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Walk

Sunday walks have become somewhat of a ritual. Today we woke up a little late, had french toast for breakfast (a new ritual I think!), popped into town, popped out for a little lunch, caught up on a few TV shows and then after a yummy dinner, we headed out for a nice walk. It wasn't very sunny but it was warm and dry so it was just nice.
Early on in the walk we had our first nettle sting. What a brave soldier, not even a tear. Luckily we found some dock leaves which quickly took the sting away. He carried them tight in his hand for a while, such a good boy!

 Whilst I dawdled, Papa and Mr Bee had lots and lots of fun. Lots of throwing and catching, chasing and giggling.

 As per request of the Bee, we visited the park on our journey home, as usual.


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