Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Mr Bee came down with the chicken pox at the weekend, new spots are still appearing and whilst he is being such a star, he is very sleepy. He usually has one little nap in the day, around half an hour to an hour, but he has been having two or three in one day. Other than that, he has been himself and not scratching at all.
I have had a dreadful cold and luckily there has been people around to look after me. Today however, everyone has gone back to work so we are fending for ourselves today.
We have been tucked up in blankets, snuggled in lots of cushions and drinking hot juice all day. Bambi has had three runs to keep my little Bee content :)
Papa has been a bit poorly too but he has been a trooper and gone to help Grandad for the week.
Hopefully we will all be better soon and we can get out of the house again!

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