Saturday, 1 September 2012


Yesterday we spent the afternoon with my school friend, Helen. You may remember when she came to visit us last year. Helen just graduated from St Andrews University and has enrolled on a doctorate up there, so we still won't see her very often :(
We took her over to Bradgate Park for a nice walk, catch up and cup of tea.

 We did lots of climbing! Mr Bee shocks everyone with just how confident he is. He climbed to the top practically unaided and came back down by him self. He has always been a daredevil, without fear or anything. He really is an amazing little Bee!

In the evening, we went over to Trevor and Katie's house for a BBQ. The weather was dry (enough) and we  feasted on burgers, chicken, kebabs and grapes, marshmallows and malteasers to finish!

When it started to get a little chilly, we headed indoors and played on the Wii. Mr Bee danced away and pretended to sing into a dumbell. He is funny! It was incredibly late when we made our way home but it was worth it to have had such a lovely evening :)

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