Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby Steps

As our imminent to move to a countryside village draws closer, I have spent the past few weeks preparing for the rural life. Louie and I have spent days driving around the local area, getting to grips with the local shops and visiting places we can spend time in the future.

This weekend however, we have concentrated on the rural tradition of preserving. I can't wait until we will have produce from our own garden to make goodies from, but as we don't have the resources this year, we have sourced ingredients from the local area. On todays menu was Damson Jam, Tomato Relish and Malted Bread, all of which were made with local ingredients. The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming!

It is a very exciting time for us at present, with Louie starting school and us moving in to our first home. You may need to bear with us at times, but we will be back, and bigger than ever by the looks of it, with lots  and lots more treats like these!

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