Sunday, 31 August 2014

Upton by Tractor

Today we drove down to Upton House in Oxfordshire for a tractor ride around the estate. The wider Upton estate is made up of private farms which maintain arable and grazing fields. The tractor ride took us around the different working fields of the estate, showing us oat fields that were being cultivated by training racehorses, a living bird feed table, working woodland and lots of sheep!
It was lead by the estate manager who also runs the Birds and Bee's seed shop, which uses grains and oils from the Upton estate to create delicious foods for the wildlife from the farming methods already in place.
The views from the tractor ride were phenominal, as you can see! Especially the view of the house and gardens from the other side of the hill.
We spent the rest of our afternoon on the green relaxing and listening to the jazz band playing all afternoon. It was a grand day out!

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