Wednesday, 26 February 2014

This week we have been a little quiet. An awkward Physio messed up any plans for Tuesday so we stayed home. Mr Bee decided to have an OCD moment and sort out all of his trousers. That was fun. Luckily, he OCD'd them back again with out too much bother (after he decided he didn't like most of them and stashed them under his bed...).
Today has been bliss. A lazy morning in bed, a delicious smoothie in the sunny garden and drawing pictures.
We made our way to New Walk Museum to see the dinosaurs, however they were eclipsed by the Picasso exhibition that was on upstairs. Louie was absolutely enthralled by the funny faces on the ceramic plates, copying them and admiring the bright colours. He was in his element and his Grandpa would be so proud.

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