Thursday, 27 February 2014


Looking Forward To - March Edition

A Weekend Off
A spare ticket for the Blackburn away game means that Pappy is taking Mr Bee. After last years experience, I am staying at home. Being stuck on a motorway in a complete standstill for an hour is not something I wish to repeat (even without the toddler begging me to let him have a wee on the hard shoulder when there were police everywhere....)
I am seriously looking forward to a Sunday morning lie in. And quite possibly an adventure just me, my camera and maybe even my sketchbook. I just haven't decided where yet. (Suggestions welcome!)

Things have been pretty stressful this year already, I am certainly feeling it anyway! So Dan has offered to send me to a spa with my lovely Becka for a day of pampering and girlie gossip. Since Becka moved to London with her amazing high flying job, I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like. So this will be the PERFECT treat for us both.

This may be weird! But I am allowed to look forward to working two extra weekend days (no, still weird...!) for our fantastic Showroom Open Day* (details below) and a little bit of a Nappy Guru get together and training day. It will be fun!

Harry Potter
For our family outing around my Birthday, Nana Bee has treated us all to tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I would say that I don't know who is most excited but it is me, definitely me. We were going to take Louie for his birthday but left it too late to book tickets. I can not wait!

Oh me oh my, I can't wait for milder weather. I am usually winters biggest fan, maybe it is because we haven't had a super cold winter this year that I am yearning to get outside without the need for my coat! I can't wait for the bluebells to sprout so we can go here again.

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