Sunday, 14 April 2013

Catching Up

Weekends have become a rather mundane part of our week. With the winter drawing out, we have been staying closer to home, having ritual Sunday morning breakfasts, bread baking and finding some fresh air. This week has been hectic. Work has been full and busy, and not without its distractions - rescuing a poorly stray cat from the local village car park. Luckily 'Pip' is safe and sound and looking for a new home. Meanwhile, Papa has been knuckling down trying to get all of his assignments and dissertation finished. He has been working hard and we have been trying to keep out of his way!

Sunday morning, Mr Bee and I headed off on a little drive into the countryside to find somewhere to walk. Louie was keen to use his binoculars, he loved looking out over the view, he didn't spot any birdies though. We were so pleased to find a new place to explore and can't wait to bring Pappy to come and play!

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