Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Today, Mr Bee and I took some time out. We got up early and headed west for a little treat, a trip to the Alton Towers Splash Landings Water Park. Mr Bee hasn't been himself for a few weeks now so I thought some time with just the two of us might cheer him up a little bit, and where better than Alton Towers (which I hear about twenty times a day from him!).
Still a little small for the flumes, he enjoyed the little paddling pool which surprised me, as he always loves to swim. After a few hours playing, our little bee was worn out and hungry. He suggested a lunch at Calke Abbey
which he saw the signs for on our journey in. Clever boy.

On our arrival, we realised they were having one of their 20th Century Alive theme days, with a tea dance in the afternoon. After the last dance we went to, Mr Bee was very excited! We danced the hokey cokey, hands, knees and bumps a daisy and various parlour dances before getting distracted by ice cream! After a little walk, Louie decided he missed his Pappy too much and he wanted to go home.

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