Thursday, 18 April 2013


The time has flown by since Dan and I decided to get married. In 5 months we I have done so much, so much that my wedding planner app thinks I am over half way prepared and we still have a whopping 408 days left, which seems like a lifetime away.

So where are we? 
Venue picked and booked along with officiant.
Dress sorted and all ready for final alterations.
Shoes, hair piece and hairdresser booked.
Flowers planned and ready for me to arrange the week before the big day!
Bridesmaid dresses decided for all girlies.
Caterer chosen, menus to finalize.
Evening entertainment organised for a big surprise.
Cake chosen and decided!
Invitations ready to print.
Save the Dates ready to mail.
The best photographer on board.

With a year left for everything to fall in to place, I think we are pretty well organised!


hannah said...

Wow, you are very organised Heidi! Best way to be though :) xx

Sioned Hill said...

That's incredible! Jamie and I keep talking about weddings and I keep pinning things- I think I'll need your advice when we actually decided on a date/he produces the goods ..the ring I got promise a year and a half ago ;) xxxx

heidi-elizabeth storer said...

Oh well ask away!! I remember that, he needs to get a wiggle on for sure!! It is so exciting, I just wish it wasn't so far away, I know a year will fly by but it seems like forever!

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