Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Photo an Hour - Summertime!

Papa is missing us terribly (and we are him!) so we decided to do a photo an hour for him so he can catch up on what we have been up to today.

Lazy Morning
 Chatting to Papa before he is too busy.
 Breakfast in the garden.
 Paddling pool out and ready to keep us cool.
 All the toys out to play with Isaac.
 We stumbled across a childrens book store in the village where I work!
After lunch in the village, we headed to the Botanic gardens.

 We got back to the car and noticed this! I had only left my car keys on the roof whilst we were visiting the gardens. Oopsy!
 Once we were home, we had a lovely light summer salad, which Mr Bee enjoyed for a change.
 As Mr Bee had a late nap, we took a little visit to our local Starbucks and had a little treat.
And that was our day, Mr Bee went to sleep very late again leaving me no time to get any editing done tonight. Tonights run was invigorating in the summer breeze, very late into the evening. Back to work in the morning, so more from us at the weekend, toodleoo!

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hannah said...

Your posts are always so lovely to read and look through, Heidi :) I love your photos and the quality of them - the way you focus them is beautiful. It's especially clear in the first photo - you make a fab photographer :) I hope you've enjoyed your weekend x

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