Sunday, 15 July 2012

Canons Ashby, Take Two

Today, Mr Bee visited Canons Ashby. We visited last year and have been wanting to return every since. We took a nice picnic and headed off for a sunny day exploring. Monkey came too.

When we visited last year, there was a space at the bottom of the garden which looked like it was once an orchard. This year, it was a beautiful vegetable patch lined with the purple flowering mint that we saw last week at Belton House.

Running is the new 'in thing' at the moment, Mr Bee is getting geared up for the Olympics!
Another spot of 'cricket'!

The camera managed to stay rooted in the bag as we wandered around the house, secondhand bookshop and then tearoom.
On our journey to and from Canons Ashby, we were taken a bizarre way up and down dirt tracks! The crazy sat nav! We also saw lots of fancy cars and bikes, there must have been a few meets on in the area, including a Triumph meet at Canons Ashby! We also saw a baby rabbit sitting quietly in a lay by, it was teeny tiny! Very cute!


TinyTalk Leicester said...

I love to go out to these places too, looks like you had a wonderful day.

hannah said...

It looks like a wonderful day Heidi :) and how sweet is Louie with monkey! x

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