Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Belton House

Today, Mr Bee and I took our friends Anna and Isaac too Belton House, a National Trust property in Lincolnshire.
When we arrived we had a lovely picnic overlooking the italian garden. We finished quite quickly so we ran off to play and take photos.
We saw lots of pretty flowers, bees, bluebottles and insects. The colours were amazing.
I took the opportunity of having Anna and Isaac in such a beautiful location to practice some shots ready for my 5 impending shoots in the pipeline.

We sat and played lawn games for a while, Mr Bee was surprisingly good at Croquet, which he insisted on calling Cricket!

 Then we played mean parents and hid our children in baskets! Louie thought this was more fun than poor Isaac who wasn't at all pleased!
 Then we hit the adventure playground so that we the boys could play.

 Then it started to rain :(
Stylish breastfeeing in the rain!

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