Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Few Things

Due to my silly hypermobility, I have been out of action with a very sore ankle this weekend. We stayed home and this is what we have been up to.

- Enjoying the Olympics
We have been bitten by Olympamania! Mr Bee thinks it is wonderful and is well and truly hooked on whatever the sport of choice may be. Gymnastics seems to be his favourite, he has been practicing headstands and somersaults all weekend. We are planning and looking forward to popping down to the Big Smoke on Friday to visit Papa for the day and take in some of the Olympic sights all being well.

- Cutting, sticking and drawing in the sunshine to keep us busy busy.

- Any spare minute I have had has been spent editing, creating and preparing to hand over the images from my very first photo session! I gave it my all and I hope that they love the photos! For a peek, pop over to my other blog, Heidi-Liz Photography.

- After a few weeks planning, we have finally booked our Autumn Camping Trip. A wonderful looking campsite in Wiltshire. We are praying for nice weather!

- We have been missing Papa, he has been gone for over a week now and he will be away for another two at least, before we get him back for a few days and he will be gone again!

- Mr Bee has become a proper little chatterbox. We have been having the cutest conversations. I can't believe I worried so much that he wasn't talking when he was younger, he is doing so well now!

- I stumbled over this GORGEOUS blog the other day, definately worth a peek at Hello Hue.

- Hold on to your kite...

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