Sunday, 17 February 2013



This weekend we have been joined by family we don't see very often. Our cousin Mary from Ireland has stayed with us for a long weekend which has meant we have been lucky to spend lots of time with the extended family. Uncle Pat and Auntie Caroline, who came down from Northumberland, had the fantastic idea of getting the whole family out to Bradgate Park for an afternoon in the sun and fresh air.
The sun shone and we had a great walk, with plenty of stops for football, frisbee and baby feeding. Whoever thought playing football by the river was a good idea I don't know, but the ball ended up being lost at least three times! Passers by helped, and even with my wellies on, I couldn't salvage the ball from the deep rapids! We headed home after a cuppa at the tea room, to get ready for a big meal out with everyone. Pizzas all round (except for Uncle Gerard), yum yum! Mr Bee stayed up so late and was incredibly well behaved, despite being so sleepy.


Papa and I had a little treat, a breakfast date just the two of us. We waved Mary off as Mom took her to the airport and spent the rest of the morning in the garden with the football and the scooter. Such a fresh and warm morning with the sun brightly shining. Spring is surely on its way! We spent most of the day playing indoors and out, baking a Grasshopper Pie and making our Sunday roast, missing our guests!


hannah said...
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hannah said...

Those family photos are gorgeous Heidi, something to treasure forever :) your photos are so clear and wonderful! Grasshopper Pie looks very intriguing (and delicious!) xx

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