Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Today, we spent the morning with Becka. A quick trip around the shops before spending an awful long time in the swimming pool on her apartment complex. If we had to pick one word to describe our swimming session, it would be fearless. This little bee has always been confident in the water but today took things to a whole new level.
Arm bands were flung into the pool as he dived in after them, unable to swim, he tread water whilst we dived to his rescue again and again!

After lunch, Mr Bee and I headed back home, but walking to the bus stop, Louie saw the King Richard III museum and naturally, we had to go and visit! Luckily the queue was quite small so we didn't have to wait so long. He was so intrigued to hear the story of the King and olden times. On our journey home, I pointed out all of the places we talked about in the museum, the Cathedral, High Cross Street, Bow Bridge and the Magazine which used to form part of the wall that surrounded the city. He couldn't wait to tell his Pappy and Nana all about it.


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hannah said...

Those photos are so sweet! Louie certainly sounds fearless in the water! xx

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