Saturday, 9 February 2013


Things have been incredibly busy around here this week. Extra shifts for the entire month mean I have had barely any time with Mr Bee to do anything fun! Wednesday we spent baking and meeting up with the wedding planners, we were too busy to pick up the camera, eek!
Then yesterday I had working in the morning, rushed home to pick Mr Bee up and then on to Rachel, for a walk in the woods. A good catch up was needed, especially as she now has a little one on board which is extremely exciting. Rachel is the lovely lady who will be photographing the wedding, so it was yet another day full of wedding ideas!
Then it was time to drop Mr Bee off at home before collecting some goodies for a girly night in at Becka's new flat! A delicious dinner, lots and lots of laughs, raiding the lace and jewellery collection and a quick swim before we were invaded by 'the splasher' and 'Mel C'. 
And now for a relaxing weekend at home with the boys. Aaaaaah!

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