Friday, 20 April 2012

Bradgate Park with Anna and Isaac

This afternoon, after lunch at our favourite little tea room, Mr Bee and I went for a lovely walk through Bradgate Park with our friends Anna and Isaac.
Although it was threatening to rain, we went ahead anyway, equipped with my umbrella (which was swiftly stolen by a small pair of hands....). 
 We soon found ourselves walking along the stream where we saw beautiful waterfalls and also a group of boys who seemed to be on a photoshoot. Mr Bee was far too interested in what they were up to and kept gatecrashing their shots! He wasn't very happy when they asked me to take some photos for them though!

I can't believe how grown up my little Bee is getting. He looks more and more like a big boy every day, and acts more like a big boy too. He was adamant that he wanted to walk off on his own, and that he was far too warm to wear his jumper.

We saw a few Defenders on our walk, I was a happy bunny. Mr Bee was happy to see a tractor and a Mini (his favourite car).
 He caused lots and lots of giggles from other visitors to the park when he made himself comfortable on a rock and pretended to go to sleep!
Luckily, we managed to turn back and make it to the car before the rain came. The heavens opened as we were leaving the car park! Mr Bee slept all the way home, he was so well behaved all afternoon despite having no sleep so he certainly needed a nap!
We hurried home for a nice, warm cup of tea and a natter before Anna and Isaac went home. Lovely afternoon :)

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